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Tiny Apple cabin space house movable capsule house

Apple Cabin

Tiny Apple cabin space house movable capsule house

Apple Cabin is a form of accommodation that combines design, technology, and ecology. Its exterior design is fashionable and simple, with a reasonable internal layout and complete functions. Each Apple pod is carefully designed and crafted to meet the basic needs of residents while creating a unique living experience.


    Core advantages

    1.From raw materials to processing, quality is guaranteed
    Strictly control raw materials according to high standards to ensure factory compliance
    Integrated movable housing construction guarantee system

    2.Professional design and personalized customization
    Personalized and beautiful design showcases romance and beauty, creating a high-quality living experience

    3.Main body of high-density steel structure
    Galvanized steel plate is rust free, solid, sturdy, and durable,
    Insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing, wind resistance, fire prevention, and filling insulation cotton boards for external and internal walls

    4.Convenient module design and installation
    Prefabricated module design, environmentally friendly. Minimalist foundation, easy to install

    5.Low environmental requirements do not require a base
    Mobile rooms are used for mobile KTVs, mobile offices, mobile coffee shops
    Various scenes such as restaurants, outdoor boutique hotels, etc

    Exterior Enclosure System:
    - Galvanized steel framing system
    - Fluorocarbon Sprayed Aluminum Cladding
    - Stone Plastic Flooring
    - Lifting rings/transport securing elements/transport packaging

    Interior Finishing:
    - Pre-finished integrated ceiling and wall panel
    - Bathroom marble/ceramic tile flooring
    - Standard swing entrance door
    - Privacy Glass Door for Bathroom
    - Vanity/Basin/Mirror/TV Stand
    - Hanging Hooks/Shower Safari
    - Towel Rack

    - Upgraded Configuration (Deluxe)

    Wall System:
    - Thermal insulation, waterproof, and moisture-proof

    Window System:
    - Double glazed

    Bathroom Features:
    - Toilet/Faucet/Shower/Floor drain
    - Electrically Assisted Heating System
    - 4-in-1 bathroom fan with lighting, heating, and ventilation

    Additional Features
    - LED Lighting System
    - Room Guest Control System
    - Smart Power Control System
    - Smart Lighting/Curtain System
    - Plumbing and Electrical Systems
    - Electric water heater
    - Full house insect screen doors and windows
    - Standard color blackout curtain

    Luxury Upgrade Configuration:
    - Tiled Herringbone Construction System
    - Electric Floor Heating
    - Customized Wardrobes
    - Cupboard and Drawer Set
    - Freeway Service
    - High-End LV-Aeswari Heating Wire
    - Hotel Smart Access Control

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