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11.5meter prefab custom eco capsule house with balcony


11.5meter prefab custom eco capsule house with balcony

The 38 square meter capsule house comes with two bedrooms( or one bedroom and one living room), one bathroom and one balcony. The whole house adopts an intelligent intelligent control system. High-quality, low-energy consumption, waterproof, moisture-proof, thermal insulation materials do not limit the terrain, making your living space flexible and versatile.


    Product Introduction

    Model number K7
    Appearance size 11500*3300*3200
    Internal dimension 11440*3240*3170
    Square number 38㎡
    Rated occupancy 3-5 people
    layout One room, One living room, one bathroom and one balcony
    Outer wall Aluminum alloy aluminum veneer + insulating glass curtain wall
    Interior wall Wood veneer
    Doors and Windows Stainless steel door / insulating glass overhung window / Glass skylight
    Balcony fence glass
    Balcony door Insulating glass awing door
    Steel structure Galvanized steel frame
    weight 10 Tons

    The selling points of mobile homes include the following:
    Customizable: Mobile homes are often customizable and can be designed according to individual preferences. You can choose from different layouts, materials and decorative styles to suit your needs and tastes.
    Eco-friendly and sustainable: Mobile homes are typically built using renewable and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, they can be integrated with sustainable technologies such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.
    Temporary accommodation: Mobile homes can be used as temporary accommodation, such as while camping, traveling or working on a temporary site. They provide a comfortable place to stay while still feeling like home.


    Thickened steel frame,aluminum exterior panels,polyurethane insulation layer, panoramic wall curtain glass(6+12+6 instsulating glass),aluminum doors and Windows,intelligent access control foot support. 
    Bamboo charcoal fiberboard wall,advanced waterproof composite wood floor,indoor and outdoor multi-color warm lighght,electric curtain,large skylight,the whole house intelligent control system,brand socket panel
    Glass side sliding door,smart toilet,water heater,shower,brand basin,brand faucet. MAIN EQUIPMENT: 
    Gree centra air conditioning. water heater,bath ba wind heating multi-in-one integrated bath ba
    Electric floor heating,water pipe antifreeze.projector,fire smoke alarm,starry roof.


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