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Model K5 Space Capsule House 2 Bedroom


Model K5 Space Capsule House 2 Bedroom

As an innovative product, the space capsule house is designed to be energy saving, environmental friendly, affordable and sustainable prefab structure that can go nearly anywhere and be used at any situation. Now it is widely used as Wild Luxury Hotel, Camping Theme Park, Wild Private Cabin, etc.


    Product Specifications

    -Length: 8.5m
    -Width: 3.3m
    -Height: 3.2m
    -Land Area: 28sq.m
    -Max. occupant: 04 people
    -Power consumption: 10kw
    -Net weight: 8.5 tons

    The space capsule house using the steel frame as the foundation, aluminum decorative panel,
    100mm polyurethane insulation layer+extruded board and vacuum glass are applied to exterior
    structure. The internal decoration use premium wood grain lock floor, and all-in-one board as wall
    and ceiling. Whole house integrated intelligent control system provide a simple life style and
    security alarm and smart access door guarantee the user’s safety.
    1. Ready-to-use product, no installation needed.
    2. Can be used at nearly everywhere.
    3. Good fire-proof, water-proof and seismic resistance.
    4. Low power consumption
    5. Upgrade for interior space available

    1. Safe & steady: seismic capability grade 8, anti-wind capacity grade 10.
    2. Flexible layout: Various modular combinations, door & windows could be fixed optional.
    3. Durble ,water proof and prebenting rust: ALL the light steels dealed with anticorrosive paint.
    4. Energy saving & Eco-friendly: Energy-efficient,no construction garbage, recycle use.
    5. Low material cost and labor cost: Cheaper than tranditional buildings.
    6. Longevity: It can work for more than 10 years under people use.

    Exterior Equipment
    -Galvanized steel frame
    – Fluorocarbon aluminum alloy shell
    -Insulated waterproof and moisture proof construction.
    -Hallow tempered glass windows
    -Hallow tempered laminated glass skylight
    -Stainless steel side hinged entry door

    Interior Equipment
    -Integrated modular ceiling and wall
    -Stone plastic composite floor
    -Privacy glass door for bathroom
    -Marble/tile floor for bathroom
    -Washstand,washbasin, bathroom mirroe
    -Toilet,faucet,shower,floor drain
    – Wholehouse lighting system.
    -Wholehouse plumbing and electric system
    -Blackout curtains
    -Air conditioner
    -Bar table
    -Entryway Cabinet

    Room Control Unit
    -Key card switch
    -Multiple scenario modes
    -Light and curtains with intelligent integrated control
    -Intelligent voice control
    -Smart lock

    Optional Items
    -HD 4K Projector
    -Imported electric ground heating system
    -AI room water supply and drainage system


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