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Chongqing Expressway introduces intelligent container hotel to achieve non-meeting check-in


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Chongqing Expressway introduces intelligent container hotel to achieve non-meeting check-in

2024-03-07 14:36:16

Chongqing Hi-Speed Group's initiative to introduce smart container hotels allows drivers and passengers to enjoy more comfortable and convenient services, and the whole check-in process without meeting them also brings greater convenience to them. This innovative service method is expected to provide more flexible and efficient accommodation options for drivers and passengers traveling on the road, bringing a positive impact to the future travel experience.
This move reflects Chongqing Hi-Speed Group’s focus on and satisfying customer needs, and also demonstrates their forward-thinking in service innovation.
The introduction of intelligent container hotels in the Weilong Service Area of ​​Chongqing Expressway is an interesting and innovative move. This service model can not only meet the gradually increasing demand for occupancy in the service area, but also provide low prices and bring a more convenient check-in experience. At the same time, through intelligent verification and no-person reception, it provides passengers with a safer and more efficient check-in experience. The emergence of this innovative service can provide reference and inspiration for other service areas, improve the overall service level, and bring a better experience to travelers.

This smart container hotel combines technology and innovative concepts of tourist accommodation, providing a more convenient and safer way to stay. Passengers can check in quickly through ID verification and facial recognition. At the same time, the 9 square meters of space combines various basic facilities to meet the basic living needs of passengers. At the same time, TVs and lights are controlled by voice, providing passengers with a more intelligent experience. This model will bring more convenience and comfort to travelers, while also bringing new possibilities to the field of tourism accommodation in service areas.

This is a promising plan that demonstrates Chongqing Hi-Speed ​​Group’s innovation and development in the field of tourism accommodation. The introduction of intelligent container hotels not only provides more diverse accommodation options in the service area, but also provides travelers with a more convenient rest and accommodation experience. For the group, rooms can be added or removed based on the flexibility of demand, which helps improve resource utilization and operational efficiency. It is hoped that this plan can bring more opportunities and development space to Chongqing Expressway Group and service areas.